“Literally, never met an agent that is so filled with knowledge about home selling, buying, building, renting, market information and everything in between. She doesn’t just list your house, she keeps working the listing until it sells. She uses professionals to take pictures and stage because that’s their speciality and selling is hers.

When buying, she pays such close attention to the husband and wife’s desires, and voices them through the process of looking for a home. 
You NEED her when building. it doesn’t cost you a dime. She’s just incredible and saves you money and stays on the process.
I’ve just never been so blown away by someone’s talents in real estate as I am Abby. She’s not in it for the buy or the sell…. she’s genuinely in it for her clients-so they can get everything they hoped for.” – Dayna

“Abby sold our home and is now helping us to find our new one. We trust her because she makes the time to be available, is very knowledgeable, and has effectively made every effort to help us meet our goals. She’s earned our trust because she has consistently proven true to excellent standards & ethical business – proving she genuinely cares about her clients, and her own personal high standard of values.” – Diane 

“Patient and open to the wants and needs of a buyer with thorough follow through. She’s there for you when needed with efficient customer service. We would recommend Abby to anyone looking for a proper Realtor.” – Dennis

“Abby is an excellent real estate agent with an extensive knowledge of all types of real estate transactions. Abby is also a delightful person. I would highly recommend
her.”  – Colleen

“Mrs. Selman is a very knowledgeable, caring realtor. She guided me through every process and her suggestions were always on target. I highly recommend her.”  – Sue